Which Dog DNA Test is Right For Your Dog?

A dog DNA test is an at-home genetic testing kit that can help you identify your pet’s unique mix of breeds and health risks. These tests can help you make better decisions about your dog’s care. They can also reveal unique ancestry, so you can find out why your dog has certain behaviors or personality traits.

Why get a dog dna test?

A dog’s dna is made up of two strands of double-stranded DNA. These DNA strands have matching rules that allow us to “read” your dog’s DNA. This allows us to find out their unique combination of breeds, as well as potential genetic health risks they might have inherited from their parents or grandparents.

The right dna test for your dog is going to depend on a few things, like what kind of information you want to learn and how detailed you’d like the results to be. Some of the more detailed tests include breed ancestry, health risk screenings, and even disease marker testing, so it’s important to choose one that best suits your needs.

Wisdom Panel Premium

The Mars-owned company Wisdom Health Genetics has been making dog DNA tests since 2007. They offer a range of kits, including their most in-depth, the Wisdom Panel Premium. It’s one of the only tests that combines a breed ancestry assessment, a full health risk panel, and a genetic trait readout. It screens for 350+ breeds, 210 genetic health conditions, and more than 35 physical traits to give you an extensive view of your pet’s ancestry.

Embark Dog

Embark, which is based in Boston and was founded by two researchers at Cornell University, uses a genetic database to accurately detect your dog’s ancestry. They also screen for more than 250 health risks and share their results with you to help you take your dog’s care to the next level.

Their Relative Finder feature tells you if other dogs who have taken the test share a common ancestor with yours, which is great for helping to connect you with other pups of similar breeds. They also include a chromosome map of your dog dna test, which is a really cool way to understand the health and breed history of your pup.

Pricepoint: It costs $129, which is comparable to other DNA tests. You’ll receive a digital download of the results once the test is complete.

Turnaround time: It takes around 2-3 weeks for the test to be processed and delivered to your email inbox. However, many people have reported that this time is faster than with other companies.

Values: The company has been around for eight years and is a leader in ethical canine genetic testing. They also partner with rescues and shelters across the country to provide free DNA tests to animals in need.

Customer service: The customer support team is available through chat and email, so you can ask questions or report issues. They also offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results.