Burglar Alarms London

Burglar Alarms London

A good alarm system is one of the most effective deterrents for intruders – it’s thought that burglars are far less likely to target a home where there is a security system installed. The alarm will also arouse the attention of neighbours, making it harder for them to get in without attracting attention from local police officers or anyone else who might see suspicious activity around your property.

There are a number of different types of alarms that you can choose from, including bell-only, monitored and smart home systems. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages, so you need to consider what will be most suitable for your needs.

Monitored Systems

A monitored alarm Burglar Alarms London will call your nominated key holder when it detects movement in your house. This could be a friend, family member or a private manned security company. You can choose whether to have this service as a free upgrade or as part of a monthly subscription plan.

Smart Home Systems

Smart home systems are the most expensive of all the options, but they offer more flexibility and features than most other types of burglar alarms. They can be controlled using the app on a smartphone or tablet, and they will send you notifications if there is movement in your house. They can also be connected to a CCTV camera, which will provide you with a video feed of who is at your door.

They can also be linked to a keyholder that you nominate to check on your home, and they will send messages to all of the people on the list if there is a break in. The system can send out a loud siren or it can contact a police officer.

All alarms need to be serviced at some point in their lifetime, so it’s important to look out for a reliable and professional alarm installer and have them check your system regularly. Here at Firstford Ltd, we can help you with this by carrying out regular burglar alarm servicing in London and Surrey.

Our team will carry out a full test of your alarm, including the bell/strobe, keypads, contacts and dual tech detectors that come with it. We’ll then complete written report/maintenance sheets, which are all a vital part of your ongoing security.

Having your alarms checked on an annual basis is a very cost-effective way to ensure they remain in excellent working order and that they last longer. It will also help you to reduce your insurance premiums, as most insurers offer a discount for having an insurer-approved burglar alarm in place.

Installing an Alarm

Investing in a burglar alarm is not just about protecting your property and keeping you safe – it’s also about increasing the value of your building, as potential buyers will often look for these signs of a well-maintained security system when considering buying a home. It’s also a matter of compliance for many home insurance policies, so you should speak to your insurance provider about the best type of alarm for your specific needs and budget.